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Olive Bay Hotel is located inside Agia Efimia village resort in front the sea.

Key Facts

Nearest beach: 50 meters
Main resort area: 50 meters
Nearest Airport: 36 km
Nearest port-Sami 9km

Agia Efimia is a beautiful small country town with a picturesque harbor which attracts a lot of yachts.

In Agia Efimia – called “Agia Thimia” by the locals – are the headquarters of the Municipality of Pilaros.  Agia Efimia means “Saint Honor”, a name derived from the small white church which stands in the port.

Around the gulf of Agia Efimia there are two mountains, Agia Dinati and Kalonoros and 24 villages. The locals are mostly farmers and seamen.

Tourism is well organized in Agia Efimia, and the visitors may get all the services needed for a fine holiday.

The town is located at a 9 km distance away from the harbor of Sami and it has got magnificent landscape and beautiful beaches.

Along the road to Sami there are several small beaches, suitable for one or two groups each. Myrtos, the most celebrated beach of Kefalonia, is just a few kilometers away.

Above all these, there is Myrtos Beach only 8 kilometers far from Agia Efimia whose picture has served as the island’s trademark for many years.

This is the shore that you must see for yourself in order to believe, to allow every sense to be captured by this utmost of experiences. You just cannot come to Kefalonia and not view or swim in this beautiful beach.

The most celebrated beach of Kefalonia and according to many, the most beautiful all over Greece.

It’s the absolute blue and turquoise waters engaged in an unending struggle for supremacy with the steep rocks of western Pylaros and the wide shore paved with perfectly round white pebbles.

It’s the beauty of the sea and the celebration of color. It’s the very first sighting from high above the road which literally takes the breath away.

It’s the descent through the densely wooded gorge which permits intermittent peeks at the sensation that waits just below to unsettle the senses. It’s a refreshing dip in the most famous Greek waters. And, a playful timeout for sunbathing on the totally white pebble vastness.

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